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How to Buy MRE Meals

What are MRE meals? MRE stands for Meal, Ready to Eat. MRE is a complete meal. And it is self-contained. MRE meals are packed in lightweight packages. These packages can withstand rough conditions. They can withstand exposure to elements.

MRE meals are available in a case of 12. The MRE bag has an entree and other different types of food and drinks. MRE bags are compact and convenient.

MRE meals contain all the minerals and vitamins that your body needs. MRE meals are easy to store. They are stored in a cool place. They don’t need to be refrigerated.

The MRE meals are used by United States military, especially in field conditions and combats where there are no organized food facilities. MRE meals are also given to civilians, especially when there are natural disasters.

MRE meals are good for emergencies. Therefore, if you are planning and saving food for an emergency, buy MRE meals.

MRE meals are easy to eat. They taste great because they are carefully crafted. They last for an extended period of time. They can help you survive a crisis. They are filled with the right nutrients so they provide good nutrition for you and every member of your family during a crisis.

MRE meals are not just for a crisis. They can be used as a road trip, hiking or camping supplies. MRE meals have a long shelf life. They are nutritious. The entrees taste great. You can enjoy a high-quality meal when you are hiking or camping.

What are the Contents of the MRE Meals?

  1. It contains an entrée, which is the main course. The main course can be beef stew or spaghetti.
  2. It has a side dish such as mashed potatoes, fruit, corn, or rice.
  3. It has a bread or cracker.
  4. It has spread such as cheese, jelly, or butter spread.
  5. It has dessert such as pound cakes or cookies.
  6. It has candy such as Tootsie Rolls, Skittles, or M&Ms.
  7. It has beverages such as tea, coffee, dairy shakes, cocoa, Gatorade-like mixes.
  8. Some MRE meals have seasoning or hot sauce.
  9. It has a flameless ration heater for heating the entrée.
  10. It has accessories such as toilet paper, chewing gum, salt, sugar, creamer, matches, spoon, etc.

How to Eat MRE Meals

MRE meals is a complete ready to eat. You can eat the food without heating or cooking.

Want the MRE meals to taste much better? Use the Flameless Ration Heater to heat the meals. Or boil the meals in water.

Heat the content and eat them. Or you can just eat them while the content is cold. Eat the content out of the wrappers. Plastic utensils are provided so use them to eat the food.

There are instructions that come with the MRE meals. Follow the instructions carefully, especially when cooking the meals. You can cook and eat these meals anywhere. And at any time. You don’t need a kitchen or a table to cook the meal. That is why MRE meals are great for outdoor activities.

How long do MRE Meals last?

Most MRE meals last for around 3 years. But they must be stored at 80 degrees F.

The storage temperatures lengthen or shorten the shelf life of these meals. For example, higher temperatures shorten the lifespan of the MRE meals. There are some MRE meals that last for more than 10 years. They still taste great. Want your MRE meals to last for a long time? Store them properly. Do not store them at high temperatures.

Where to Buy MRE Meals?

There are both civilian MRE meals and military MRE meals. However, there are several imposters these days selling MREs. Be aware of these imposters because they sell date MREs. They have high prices. And they have poor customer support. Do not use them.

In the past, civilian and military MREs were different. They are similar these days. They have the same components, calories, and quality. It was hard to find military MRE meals because it was illegal to resell them.

The following are the best places for buying military MRE meals.

1 – Ask Around

Do you know someone in the military? If you know someone who is active in the military, the person can help you get MRE meals. All of the full-time military personnel are given MRE meals during training and field exercises. They can help you get military MRE meals.

2 – Army Surplus Stores

These stores have military MRE meals. However, the prices in these stores are very high. They are great if you want one or two cases of the military MRE meals. If you are planning on buying several cases, do not go for these stores. If you live near a military base, the MRE prices are much cheaper. Visit the military bases and buy as much MREs as you want.

3 – Gun Shows

Go to local gun shows. It is easy to find MRE meals in these shows. The prices in these shows are reasonable. In fact, there are some vendors that have individual MRE components such as heaters, sides, snacks, and entrees. They sell them individually. You can buy individual components on these stores.

4 – Ebay

This is the best place for buying MRE meals if you don’t know someone in the military. There are a whole range of MRE meals quantities, cases, types, dates, etc. on Ebay.

The prices on Ebay are reasonable. And there are some MRE meals you can buy immediately. You don’t have to wait for several days for the auction to end. You will buy the MRE meals immediately.

Be careful when buying the MRE meals on Ebay. Check the feedback from the sellers. It is important to look for certain things when you want to buy MRE meals on Ebay. Most of the products may be labeled MRE, but they might not be the US military MREs.

The following are the things to look out for when buying MREs on Ebay.

a) Auctions with Pictures

The best MRE meals auctions have pictures of the case you will receive. Do not buy or even check out the auctions that do not have pictures. Why? Because they may not be genuine military MREs. Look for pictures of a genuine case of MRE meals. Compare the pictures with the pictures of the cases of MRE meals you are planning to buy. Make sure that they match.

b) Dates

Make sure that the pictures show menu types, inspection dates, and date packed. Search for the pictures of genuine cases of MRE meals and compare them to the auction’s pictures. Date packed and inspection dates can help you to know the age of the MRE meals. Menu types help you to know the meals you are getting.

c) Information

The best auctions have lots of information. They give out as much information as they can about the MRE meals. They tell you exactly what you are ordering. Therefore, look for the auctions that have the best information. And make sure that they have genuine pictures of the MREs.

d) Seller Ratings

The best sellers on Ebay are highly rated. They sell genuine MRE meals so a lot of people are rating them highly. Do not use sellers that have very low ratings. They may sell dated military MRE meals. You will just lose your money if you use them.

You now know where you can buy military MREs. These are the best legitimate ways for obtaining military MREs. Do not get the MRE meals from a source you do not know or trust. Avoid breaking the law to get MRE. Follow the tips mentioned above when you want to buy military grade MRE meals.

If you cannot find military MREs meals, you can buy civilian MREs instead.

However, civilian MREs are expensive. They cost $7 to $10 a meal. They have six unique entrees per case. Therefore, you get two of each. Civilian MRE meals are made by the same companies that make military MRE meals. Therefore, the food is the same. In fact, they are identical.

However, you may not get a heater when buying some of the civilian MRE meals. You may not get all the MRE goodies, which are contained military MREs. This does not mean that civilian MRE meals are inferior. They are just not at the same level as the military MREs. But this changes from brand to brand, such as XMRE, Eversafe or MREStar.

Military and civilian MREs are a good choice for backpacking, emergency supplies, and grab and go eating. Civilians MREs have long shelf lives. But they are not like the freeze dried foods that usually last for more than 20 years.

Use common sense when buying civilian MREs. Check the packages of the MRE meals you want to buy. Smell the food, if they smell bad, do not buy them. If the package is bloated, do not buy them.

If the civilian MREs are stored properly, they can last for more than 5 years.

How to Buy Civilian MRE Meals?

The following are the best ways for finding and buying the best civilian MRE meals. The most important thing is to buy MRE meals that will last for a long time. And make sure that you are not spending a lot of money on these MRE meals.

1 – Date of Manufacture

Check the date of manufacture before buying MRE meals. Most of the MREs have both the date of manufacture and inspection date. Learn how the date of manufacture is expressed on the package.

However, there are some sellers who may only tell you the inspection date. They do this because they want to fool you. They make buyers think the meal is new.

Ask for the date of manufacturer. Avoid checking the inspection date. Date of manufacturer helps you to know the real age of the MRE meal.

2 – Reputable Retailers

Secondly, look for reputable retailers. Do not buy MREs from retailers you do not know or trust. Most of the retailers store the MREs in big refrigerated warehouses. And they usually display the date of manufacture. Choose MREs that have a recent date of manufacture.

However, there are some retailers that do not show their date of manufacture. They don’t have websites. They do not mention how they store their meals so you don’t know the condition of their meals. It is better to avoid these retailers.

Reputable retailers have the best MRE meals. They buy their meals directly from the manufacturer. Therefore, you must be prepared to pay a lot of money to these retailers. Check the seller ratings. The best retailers have the best ratings because they provide the best meals. Their MREs last for a long time.

Here’s How to Find Reputable Retailers

There are so many retailers that sell MRE meals. However, some of these retailers are untrustworthy. They sell dated MRE meals. They don’t have proper storage facilities. And they charge a lot of money. Learn how to choose reputable retailers because it can save you a lot of money in the long run.

As mentioned above, reputable retailers have the best MRE meals. They have been selling and buying MREs for several years. The following are the best ways for choosing the right retailer.

Reputation of the Retailer

Check the reputation of the retailer you want to use. The best retailers have a good reputation. They have several loyal customers. A lot of these customers love these retailers because they sell the best MRE meals.

They have excellent customer support. They are always ready to answer any question you may have. And they have reasonable prices. You will never have to worry about losing your hard earned money. And you always get what you pay for.

Dishonest retailers have a negative reputation. They do not last for a long time in this business because a lot of people are avoiding them. This means they always lack customers after a few years.

That is why it is better to stick with retailers that have a proven track record. They are here to stay because they have the best civilian MRE meals on the market.

Ask Around

Talk to your trusted coworkers, friends, and even your neighbors. They can help you choose the right retailer. Ask them if they have bought MRE meals. You will find several people who have bought these meals. They can tell you the retailers they use. They can even tell you how much they spend on the MRE meals.

They can recommend the right retailer. The best retailers are highly recommended. Why? Because they have the best services. And they always fulfill their promises.

However, there are some retailers that are not recommended. Do not use them, especially if you don’t want to get dated MRE meals.


The best retailers have been in this business for a long time. They are more experienced so they sell the best MRE meals on the market. In fact, they get their MRE meals from the top manufacturers. Their employees are friendly. They can answer any question you may have.

Avoid new retailers because you do not know anything about them. Stick with the retailers have been in this business for a long time and has good ratings.

Use this information when you are searching for the right retailer. Do not buy MRE meals from a retailer you do not know or trust. Stick with the retailers that have been in this industry for a long time. They are honest and they can help you get what you are looking.

3 – Ebay

Ebay is still the best place for buying civilian MREs. Make sure that auction has pictures. Check the ratings of the seller before placing your order. Let the ratings of the sellers be your guide.

Highly rated sellers have been selling MRE meals for several years. They have a good reputation. A lot of people receive what they ordered. Their meals are still new. They are honest. And they have ratings close to 100%.

Dishonest sellers have poor ratings. They don’t last for a long time because they sell dated meals.

4 – Individual Components

There are some retailers that sell individual components such as side dishes and entrees. If you don’t want whole meals, buying individual components is the best option. Or if you love a particular component, you can buy them individually. There are some components that are tasty. A lot of people love them. Check the date of manufacture before buying these components.

However, buying individual components cost a lot of money. If you are trying to put together a custom MRE meals, know that you won’t save money. It will cost you a lot of money. Buying individual components is a good option if you just want a few entrees. Search for the best components you like and buy them.

5. Shipping

Shipping is important when you are buying civilian MRE meals. There are some sellers that charge very high shipping. Do not use them, especially if you are buying individual components. Compare the shipping costs of the different online sellers before picking a seller.

If the seller is within your state, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on shipping. The most important thing is to choose an authorized seller. The best sellers have good ratings. They have hundreds of positive reviews on their website. They don’t charge a lot of money for shipping. They have best storage facilities. And they store MRE meals at the right temperature. They do not sell expired MREs.

Things to Avoid When Buying MRE Meals

There are several things you must avoid when buying MRE meals. watch out for the following red flags when buying these meals.

1 – No Dates

There are MRE meals that do not have a production date. And they do not state the shelf life. You may think that the MREs last for a long time. But there are some MREs that are beyond the expected shelf life. They are expired. However, some of these sellers sell them.

In fact, the military discards their expired military MREs. Dishonest sellers take these MREs and sell them as genuine military MRE meals. These meals are damaged and they are beyond their state lifespan. They are usually stored at extreme temperatures. Do not buy MRE meals that do not have the date of manufacture.

2 – Product Details

Dishonest sellers do not have product details. In fact, they have websites that do not provide enough information about the MREs they are selling.

In fact, if you contact them, they don’t respond to their calls or emails. If they respond, they are always cautious. They beat around the bush. They don’t give straight answers. They avoid your questions and they try to reframe them. If you find a seller that behaves like this, do not buy their MREs.

3 – Trust your Intuition

Trusting your intuition can help you when you are buying MREs. Trust your feelings. Because you are always right most of the time. If you don’t trust a certain seller or a product, do not use that seller.

Cheap is not better. Buying MRE meals is an important investment. Therefore, treat it like a big investment. Do not go for the cheap MRE meals. High-quality MREs meals are the best.

You now know how to buy MRE Meals. The best thing you can do is to choose the right retailer and seller. Learn as much as you can about MRE meals before making your own decision. Do not waste your time and money on retailers you do not know or trust.

Look for the retailers that have been selling MRE meals for several years. Check their ratings only. Make sure that they are highly rated. Ask your trusted family members to help you find the right retailer. The best MRE meals are expensive. Be willing to spend a lot of money on the best MRES. Avoid retailers and sellers you do not know or trust.