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Meals Ready To Eat XMRE Review

Whether you are a prepper, a person who loves the outdoors and you are always out on camping adventures, or you are someone who wants to be able to have ready to eat meals on hand, the XMRE Meals Ready Eat are a wonderful option. If you haven’t yet heard about MREs, otherwise known as meals ready to eat, these are an incredible staple to have on hand due to their simplicity and long shelf life.

For someone who has not yet been introduced to the MRE, the XMRE Meals Ready To Eat will give you the complete package, able to fill up your belly with the nutrition and energy that you need. To make them even better, they are in tough packaging that will be able to stand up to the elements so you always have the peace of mind that you have a meal waiting for you regardless of the situation you may be in.

In years past, some of the older style MREs were not packaged with as tough an exterior, leaving you with meal inconsistencies for both taste and texture. However, the XMRE Meals Ready To Eat are here to change all of that. Not only are the packages tough and ready to take on just about any scenario to meet the needs of a prepper or an outdoorsman, there are also a wide range of flavors and meals that you can choose from.

Within each XMRE package, you will get:

– Entree, which includes a chicken, beef or vegetarian entree
– Bread/Cracker, which includes vegetable or regular crackers, flour tortillas, or bread
– Snacks, which includes dry fruit mix, nut raisin mix, corn nuggets, etc.
– Sauce/Spreads, which includes cheese spreads, peanut butter, fruit jams or jellies, etc.
– Dessert, which includes pound cakes, puddings, dessert cookies, wet packed fruit, dairy shakes, various portion controlled packages, etc.
– Fruit Flavored Beverage, which includes assorted or single fruit flavored drink mixes, etc.
– Coffee, which includes a single serve instant coffee
– Spoon
– Napkin
– Beverage Bag, one hot beverage bag is in each MRE
– Condiments, which includes non-dairy creamer, sugar, salt and pepper
– Moist Towelette, which is a sanitizing soap solution towelette
– Flameless Heater, which is a military style flameless heater, optional

XMRE Shelf Life

With every XMRE meal, you are going to have a ready to eat meal that is shelf-stable and nutritious for whenever you are ready to eat it. They are made to be just as appetizing when they are used in the field as the moment that they get packaged up in the factory.

Each meal is heat processed for destroying the inactive enzymes and any microorganisms to keep bacteria from getting inside. Because the food pouch is completely sterile, the food is not going to spoil. This will allow for a guaranteed shelf life for up to three years if stored at 80 degrees F, and up to six months if stored at 100 degrees F.

Why Store Food?

There can be any number of reasons why someone would want to store food, and the XMRE ready to eat meals offer a wonderful option to fit into each one of these reasons. You can prepare for a global catastrophe, have meals in your vehicle should you find yourself stranded on the side of the road, bring meals with you when you are out on a camping or hiking adventure, or even for making sure you keep food stored in your home should there be a power outage.

The XMRE meals are a top option for anyone looking for high quality, nutritious meals that are just right to consume in adverse situations.